Service Solution


At Global Metal Painting Group Co., Ltd.,
we earn our clients’ trust by giving our full attention to our clients’ needs.

We work closely with our clients throughout all processes from requirements gathering, design planning, material sourcing and quality control, all supervised by experienced team in order to exceed our client expectations and maintain continuous improvement.


Engineering Design

GMP employ the most current and innovative software tools, our specialist engineers will work with you throughout every step. From your design drawings to prototype to finished product, we will ensure efficiency, effectiveness and cost savings. Our experienced engineers are trained in utilizing the latest 2D Computer Aided Design (CAD), Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) and 3D modeling which support the process.

Laser Cutting / Turret Punching

With our advanced 4000watt laser cutting machines and other cutting implements, these allow accurate, fast and flexible sheet metal & tube cutting jobs.



Our Machining Process or Small Parts Fabrication supports from low to high volume fabrication. This can reduce costs and fulfill your perfect product.



Nine high tonnage CNC press brakes provide a wide range of capacities for various materials. These bending machines complement our cutting capabilities, with varied bending forces.



GMP welding capabilities include welding department with more than 100 welding stations. We offer alltypes of welding including   TIG, MIG, spot and robotic welding. Our welders are constantly trained to assure that manufacturing operations are consistent and produce quality welded product.



Our colour coating booths can handle pieces as small as a pen or as big as a street light pole. With our state of the art system, and support from our suppliers, GMP can provide incomparable quality and service in finishing your parts.



Our experienced team is ready to support you in assembling your unique products perfectly. We can do kitting, labeling, packing with instructions, fitting component parts, electrical fit-out etc. All according to client requirements.

We focus on customer needs and quality control every step.

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